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App-On Incubator Membership
App-On Incubator Membership

App-On Incubator Membership

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Every person has had experiences that hold powerful intrinsic value.  The problem is most people devalue the experience as not important.  Or, they are embarrassed (shy) and don?t want to be noticed or recognized for fear of being judged and criticized by others.  Yet in reality, our story is important and may help another person? or possibly thousands.  So, in that perspective it is extremely important that our story be told and shared.

The Premium Membership provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in their learning process through courseware, workbooks, interactive assessments, classes, workshops and content coaching, as well as to contribute, give back and publish their own wisdom.   The Premium Membership provides individuals the chance to publish your own thoughts, experiences and applications and put Pocket Wisdom principles into action!

After you have explored Pocket Wisdom principles through a variety of products and services, you will have probably gained new insight and confirmed your existing understanding of a variety of principles and concepts.  You then have the opportunity to add your own perspectives, experiences and ideas to expand on the original eMod App and create your very own eMod App-On!   Add to?? Add on?. With App-Ons. 

The fundamental emphasis is on ?process,? as Pocket Wisdom participants are invited to publish their experience and wisdom for:
  • Acknowledging how they applied Pocket Wisdom principles to their lives, so as to take ownership of the experience, establishing and accepting the value of the lessons they have learned. 
  • Contributing to the lives of others by expressing personal experience and value of Pocket Wisdom principles; empowering and encouraging others.   Hence, others receive the theory and the practice all in one, from a real life source.
eMod App-Ons are designed using principle-based parables, which are created in the APP-ON DEVELOPMENT INCUBATOR, where you can:
  • Think about your ideas
  • Express your ideas
  • Grow your ideas
  • Get feedback on your ideas
  • Develop your ideas into an eMod App-On
  • Package your eMod App-On
  • AND? ePublish your eMod App-On so you can distribute it to others
    • Tell your Story
    • Carry the Message
    • Make a Difference
Think of the App-on Development Incubator as your very own ?virtual launchpad?, where your insights, experiences and ideas take flight.  The App-on Development Incubator is private, confidential, and non-judging with unlimited access to supportive resources that make creating eMod App-Ons fun, easy and safe. 
And, you don?t even need to have a wide range of technical skills?. People of all technical levels, learning levels, and educational backgrounds have the opportunity to create and publish eMod App-Ons.  You simply bring your passion and insight, and the App-on Development Incubator will teach you the practical skills you need.
Most importantly you will not do it alone. You will be able to select an ?App-On Development Buddy? to guide, assist and be there for you when you have questions and need feedback.  Real people, real voices, real support!
So again, we encourage you to explore the Premium Membership and the creation of your very own eMod App-Ons.  Join us, tell your story and carry the message!
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    • 100 ?Purchased? Reward Points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item.  (Yes, that?s right? Earn Reward Points for ?purchasing? a FREE product!)
Additionally, this Membership provides you an opportunity to earn over 90o ?Completion? Reward Points.
The Premium Membership includes your very own personal ?eMod Buddy Advisor? who will guide you through the following:
  • ATTEND Weekly Online Topic Classes
    • Register for a Weekly Online Topic Class via the ?click to download? link found in your Order Confirmation email and/or your ?My Account.?
    • Attend the Weekly Online Topic Class, complete and submit the class exercises and earn 100 ?Completion? Reward Points!
      • Earn a minimum of 100 ?Completion? Reward Points for each Class exercise you complete!
  • ATTEND Live App-On Workshops
    • Attend Live App-On Workshops Weekly eMod Buddy Apps by downloading the FREE ?Recovery Buddy App Library? to your desktop, which can be downloaded from your Order Confirmation email and/or your ?My Account.?
    • Download and attend live App-On Workshops from your ?Recovery Buddy App Library? and complete and submit the App-On Workshop exercise. 
      • Earn a minimum of 100 ?Completion? Reward Points for each App-On Workshop exercise you complete! An opportunity to earn up to 800 Points!
  • ENJOY Additional Premium Membership Benefits such as:
    • Online Topic Classes
    • Online Meetings
    • Online Speaker Meetings
    • Online Facilitated Workshops
    • Online Facilitated Topic Discussions
    • Dynamic eBooks
    • 1-Minute Meeting Emails
    • Bonus eBooks
    • eMods? Store Access
    • Online Communication Hub
    • eMods? (Incl. Viewings, Study Guides, Feedback Assessments)
    • Services (Coaching, Facilitation, Retreats and More)
    • eMod App-Ons? (Incl. with eMod? Purchase)
    • Online eMod? Content Classes and Workshops
    • Up to 50% Discount on eMods?
    • Personal Advisor to Create Customized eMod? Syllabus
    • Scheduled eMod? Registration Key Delivery
    • Online eMod? Content Classes and Workshops
    • Monthly Online Self-Reflections (Private and Secured Site)
    • Discount on eMod? Private or Group Facilitation
    • Discount on eMod? Study Guide Feedback Coaching
    • Discount on eMod? Content Touch ?n Go Sessions
    • Discount on One-on-One Coaching
    • Discount on Monitoring and Reporting
    • Discount on Virtual Recovery PLUS? Retreats
    • Discount on Destination Recovery PLUS? Retreats

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