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Visionary ePublishing

Will Apps Alone Change the World? NO
But with eMod Apps We Can Teach People Not "What" But "How" to Think and
Educated People Will Change the World

Visionaries join the Pocket Wisdom Insights (PWI) Incubator to learn how to put their solution into motion that will change the world.

The PWI Incubator is where the strategy is designed. The battle is not won on the battlefield. The battle is won in the strategy, planning room. That s what the Incubator is about. Together we will build a strategy that will enable us to wrap a new level of intelligence around your product in a way that will create ongoing market sensitivity and market research to:

  • Design and Create An Intelligent App: design and create an app that will more effectively communicate our product/service in a way that will insure honest expectations and create within the user experience the ability to recognize and value the full benefits of the value proposition.

  • Train Intelligent Support Staff: train and implement a support team that parallels the value proportion and guides the user to recognize and appreciate the full features of the value proposition. This ensures continuity of product understanding and appreciation ensuring that marketing, sales and product delivery are consistent with the value proposition.

  • Expand Engagement and Intelligent Interaction: continue the education process, expand the engagement and interaction to create an informed user capable of assessing and providing responsible and accurate feedback. This will result in an intelligent data source providing Intelligent Data on which you will be able to collect and develop marketing information necessary to remain current with market needs and market trends.

The PWI Incubator brings together the best minds, the best thoughts to create the best strategy and the best implementation.

Each Visionary Collaboration Team using Creative Collaboration creates a "Play Book" with its strategy, its marketing plan, its development and its rollout of its products and services. This results in an App-based Community Network which is self-perpetuating, self-funding and self-regulating with Participants for Life.

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The Change eBook
The Change eBook

Transforming the Past into Success
Legacy Publishing eBook
Legacy Publishing eBook

A Path to Freedom
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