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Develop Clear Thinking

Please Be Sure Your Sound is On.

Truth ...

Begins with A Clear Mind, 
A Clear Purpose and A Safe Path to Walk.

Illusion is a State of Deception, a mixture of Fiction and Fact, in which a person sees a world of distortion that causes them to make impaired decisions.

 What is needed is Clarity and Insight. Clarity is a Skill ( and Skills can be Learned):

  • Learn How to Recognize Illusions vs Truth
  • Learn How to See Others as They Are Today
  • Learn How to Communicate Your Needs to Others
  • Learn How to Discern the Overall Impact of the End Result

Insight is a Skill ( and Insight can be Learned from Others):

  • Clear Thinking to Separate Emotions from Feelings
  • Live from Your Values Not from Your Past Beliefs
  • Clear Thinking to Separate Reactions from Responses
  • Live FREE from All Dependency (People and Substance)
  • Balance the Influence from Outside You with the Discovery of Inside You
  • Examine and Resolve the Beliefs About Yourself, Others and the World
  • Expand Your Spiritual Connection to Enhance the Deep Creativity That Lies Within

Pocket Wisdom Insights for Discovery and Recovery
Where How We Learn is as Important as What We Learn

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Each person s process and plan is personalized for their schedule, their goals and their objectives.

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