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PWI Foundation eMod Apps Descriptions

Pocket Wisdom Insights Foundation eMod Buddy App Series
A Tailored Syllabus (Sequence and Selection)
Made for You with Your eMod Buddy Advisor


Monthly eMods serve as steppingstones to ensure clear direction in a way that keeps you on the path. These eMods unfold cause and effect principles to reveal not just
where you are but how you got there ... Not just "What" to do to get where you want to go but "How" to get to your new destination.

To learn more about the blend of Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding that is incorporated into each eMod, see "Look Inside" on the top Navigation Bar.

Enjoy these brief descriptions and feel free to explore the more detailed description on the "info" hyperlink as you begin to get an idea of where you might like to begin your journey. You and your eMod Advisor will determine which eMod to start with that best supports your desired goal. Sidenote: Each chapter equates to approximately 2-3 hours of any combination of PLT Computer Viewings, a Study Guides and Exercises aka
"Assess and Appy".

Co-Lab Incubator eMod Buddy Apps

Creating A Scalable Culture: Cultures Responsive to Change
This eMod plunges into the core of culture, offering readers a logical awareness of equality and offering practical tools for work and home.
Customizable 8, 12 or 16 Chapters
| info

Discovery Writing eMod Buddy App
This eMod your introduction to the world of Discovery Writing. Discovery Writing is an important eMod that provides you with foundation the principles to enhance and grow your ability to to effectively communicate your story, your product, your ideas and your dreams....
10 Chapters | info


Paths of Life: Charting Your Course
Explore an overview of the Pocket Wisdom Insights Models and a clear picture of the cause and effect of life. See how the paths unfold and begin to answer the questions "Why?" and "Why me?" As we begin to explore a Perspective of Fear and a
Perspective of Spirituality/Trust. 4 Chapters | info

Life Part 1 Practical Spirituality: Creating a Solid Foundation
Practical Spirituality delivers a powerful yet down-to-earth perspective to living life in balance and realizing your connectedness to the universe. A fresh approach to exploring and experiencing your soul. 8 Chapters | info

Life Part 2 Emotional Maturity: Enhancing Your Passage to Adulthood
This eMod reveals the wisdom in uncovering and embracing the art of growing up.
A must for everyone on the path to living whole and discovering your life's greatest potential. 8 Chapters | info

Life Part 3 Relationships: Resolving Stress and Conflicts in Relationships
Life is all about relationships. Learn how to truly resolve the issues that cause conflict and stress through an empowering process of awareness and empowerment.
Create strong, healthy and loving relationships with others and with yourself.
8 Chapters | info

Emotional Sobriety Foundation: Reaching Your Highest Level of Attainment
Shift your perspective of addiction and learn a powerful process of converting addictive thinking into 'right thinking' so you can vastly improve your day at a time.
8 Chapters | info

Journey 1: Letting Go of Past Emotions
An up close and personal look at how learned perspectives and behaviors of blame, anger and abuse, remove emotional freedom and cause repeated failures in creating and maintaining successful and nurturing relationships. 8 Chapters | info

Journey 2: Letting Go of Past Behaviors
This eMod lays the foundation for choosing alternative attitudes and behaviors,
by teaching the learned mental process that keeps us from discovering who we are.
8 Chapters | info

Journey 3: Letting Go of Past Relationships
Develop boundaries, learn to forgive, and allow for deep emotional resolution of past events. This refreshing perspective regarding the stages of development is sure to have something for everyone. 8 Chapters | info

Creating A Personal Culture: Cultures Responsive to Change
This eMod plunges into the core of culture, offering readers a logical awareness of equality and offering practical tools for work and home.
Customizable 8, 12 or 16 Chapters
| info

Tune-Up Library: Navigating the Matrix of Your Life
Have at your fingertips perspectives, models and excerpts of the Pocket Wisdom Principles. Explore the many interrelationships of the principles within a structured simple layout, designed to enable you to dig deeper and refresh yourself...
a great way to "tune-up" any time of day. 4 Chapters| info

Your Story Within and an Intro to App-Ons : Sharing Your Path to Success
Every person has a story to tell, a message to share, a lesson to teach what s yours?
As you embark on your journey of creating your eMod App-On, this eMod will inspire and encourage you to integrate your applications, experience and real moments and bring them together to create a virtual message in a bottle. 4 Chapters | info