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Moving Ahead.. ePublishing Your Insights... Learning App Creation eMod
Moving Ahead.. ePublishing Your Insights... Learning App Creation eMod

Moving Ahead.. ePublishing Your Insights... Learning App Creation eMod

Available FREE as part of YOUR "ePublish Your Insi
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This is your introduction to the world of Learner APPs. This eMod is not just about ?Creating a Learner APP eMod.? 

This eMod will give you the ?Cliff Notes? version of the Learner APP.  It is important to have this foundation from the start, because each step of the learners process through your eMod you will want to provide them with the tools that will support there Learner App Creation Process.  Thus, it is important to have an understanding of the Learner APP Creation Process so as you are creating your Flip eBook, Principle-Based Summary, Study Guide/Workbook, Feedback Assessment Questions and Online Discussion Class you are able to communicate with your audience in a way that assists them in the Learner APP Creation Process.  

The tools you will learn will about include:  

  • The Text, Pictures and Layout of the Content for Your Flip eBook
  • The Questions in Your Study Guide / Workbook
  • The Exercises in Your Study Guide  / Workbook
  • The Online Discussion Class Material including:
    •  Your Flip eBook
    •  Your Polling Questions
    •  Your Interactive Discussion  

Remember once you have completed this Lesson 1, there are 8 more Lessons available for self-study and review.  While these are optional at this point, we do advise you to take the opportunity to complete them, so you have the full experience and understanding of:

  • How to Create a Learn APP
  • The Value of the Process and the Class
  • A Comprehensive Understanding of What Your Learners Will Learn Through the Learner APP Creation Process 

TThe Learner APP Creation eMod covers:

  • Journaling: 3 Step Journaling, Styles of Writing. Understanding How We Communicate and Relate to Others
  • Figurative Language
  • Descriptive Writing Imagery Using: Metaphors, Similes, Personification, Alliteration, Idioms, Onomatopoeias
  • Comparison Writing
  • Structural Writing Techniques: Steps In Writing, The Rough Draft, The "Handy" Guide To Writing     
  • Visualization
  • Brainstorming With Graphic Organizers: Sketch, Outlines, Cluster / Cloud Diagrams, Mind Maps
  • Revise and Edit for final Draft: The A.R.R.R Method, Sentence Length and Variation, Tone

Whether you complete only the first lesson of this course, or compete more of the eMod, we know you will enjoy the light hearted and entertaining direction of your skilled guide.   As you watch this eMod we encourage you to jot down your questions and thoughts, and bring them to the Online Discussion Class and Q&A. 

Remember to register for the FREE Online Facilitated Discussion Classes to explore the topics, ideas, methodologies, concepts, technologies, applications and solutions covered in the eMods. 


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