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Bonus: Culture of Love eMod - Animated Audio
Bonus: Culture of Love eMod - Animated Audio

Bonus: Culture of Love eMod - Animated Audio

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What is Love?
Sometimes love is a feeling.
Sometimes love is a decision.
Sometimes love is an action.
Love is sometimes a noun.
Sometimes love is a verb.
Sometimes love is an adjective. 
We seek love and run away from love.
We make love and we sabotage love.
Love inspires us and love devastates us Love is a universal paradox
Love is what we need the most of and what we fear the most.
We all know when we have it and we all know when we lose it.
We all know about love yet it remains life's greatest mystery

This Animated Audio eMod is delivered by Dr Richard Jorgensen the founder and CEO of Life Skills U, the author of the Pocket Wisdom Series, and the engineer and creator of AwareComm's Private Branded Learning Platform and AwareComm's Personal Learning Technology.  

In this eMod Dr Jorgensen will take you in a journey of love (based on the Pocket Wisdom principles).  You will learn about the key principles of love and relationships. You will learn about the principles that need to be in place in order to create cultures of people who can relate to one another coming from perceptions of:

  • Love (Attention, Respect and Appreciation)
  • Emotional Equality

You will under and discover what relationships are and what relationships are not, based on the principle that any problem well defined is already half solved.  Using the same principle as defined (in the last sentence) will learn how to identify and recognize what types of relationships you are in ? love or fear. 

This eMod will give you a foundation to assess how you have learned to live your life- in fear or love- and inspire you with the possibility and hope of real and lasting resolution and change.  You will learn start to become aware of how many of your beliefs and reactions are learned response, rather than thought-out and well examined decisions.  The more you become aware of what you have learned that you want to change, the more you can change. 

For effective, lasting and efficient change you will need a proven process that allows for unlearning and relearning to occur ? the most effective program for this is The Transformational Learning Process (PLT eMods) Pocket Wisdom Series, specifically the Organizational Culture Program.

If you want more information we encourage you to explore the FREE Excerpts of the Organizational Culture Program (available for download) and attend FREE Online Discussion Classes.    

Remember to register for the FREE Online Facilitated Discussion Classes to explore the topics, ideas, methodologies, concepts, technologies, applications and solutions covered in the eMods. 

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