What Is This Feature All About?

This feature will enable you to view your eMods, whether they are FREE, complimentary, excerpts or full versions.

View Your eMods:

  • The "EXPERIENCE Your Favorite Apps" button will open up a selection menu.
  • From the selection menu you can select from the list of eMods that you downloaded, installed and activated.
    • Note: If you do not see your desired eMod in the drop down list, it was not properly installed.
For assistance in completing these steps:
  • Click the question bubble next to the corresponding button for additional information.
  • Contact us at [email protected]

Transferred eMods:

  • Complete the basic information on the electronic form.
  • Be sure you are activating the eMod on the computer you are going to view it on, as each eMod license is unique to each individual machine.
  • Enter in the Complimentary Referral Number which you will have received via email during the time of the transfer.
  • Click "Activate" when you have completed the electronic form.

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