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Getting Around Your Personal Desktop App

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Reflect and Connect

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  • Enjoy Your SocraticQ Exercises
  • Access Your VoIP Buddy Rooms
  • Connect to Your Co-Lab Calendar
  • Discovery Office365 Tools and Resources
  • Download Your HR Employment Resources
  • "Create Your Buddy Blogs / App-Ons"
  • "Enjoy Peer App-Ons"
  • And more...


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Your New Insights

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  • Exploring How to ePublish Your Wisdom
  • Pocket Wisdom Parables
  • Accessing eMod App Development Center

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Your Favorite Apps
("Pay It Forward")

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  • "Pay it Forward" Transfer Feature
  • Share Your eMod Buddy App Like Your Would Loan a Good Book.


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Your Favorite Apps

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  • Purchasing an eMod
  • Downloading Your Purchased eMods

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Your Favorite Apps
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  • Registering and Activating Your eMods

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Your Favorite Apps
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  • Accessing Your Personal eMod Buddy Course Library
  • Viewing Your eMods Buddy Apps
  • Discovering Experiential (PLT) Training / Learning
    • Quick Start Guides
    • Opening Study Guides
    • Computer Viewing
    • Companion Chapter Study Guides
    • Feedback Assessments
    • Online Buddy Discussion Workshops
    • Online Collaboration Tools and Resources
    • eMod App-Ons
    • ePublishing Opportunities
    • And More...


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