Select Your Next Viewing

Select Your Next Viewing

What Is This Feature All About?

The intent of this feature is to offer you a drop down listing of various eMod Viewings from you which you can select, watch and enjoy.

How To Access Your eMod Viewings

  • Click on the drop down arrow next to where it says "Select Buddy App Viewing"
  • Click on the Viewing you would like to watch
  • Your Viewing will automatically launch
  • Follow the prompts and enjoy your Viewing

What exactly is an eMod Viewing?

An eMod Viewing is:

  • An offline/online multimedia based presentation that will play on your personal computer.
  • Plays just like a video or movie, so you can sit back relax and enjoy.
  • Was created using a Scientific approach to effective learning for all users, with lasting results.
    • All eMod Viewings support the 9 Multiple Intelligences as defined by Dr. Howard Gardner and assists people in overcoming learning challenges such as ADD and Dyslexia
    • Contact us at [email protected]

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