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Communication and Creativity Hub

Access an array of Online interactive tools and resources activities right from your personal computer desktop!

What Is This Feature All About?

  • Enjoy Your SocraticQ Exercises
  • Access Your VoIP Buddy Rooms
  • Connect to Your Co-Lab Calendar
  • Discovery Office365 Tools and Resources
  • Download Your HR Employment Resources
  • "Create Your Buddy Blogs / App-Ons"
  • "Enjoy Peer App-Ons"
  • And more...

Virtual rooms can include:

  • Auditoriums, Classrooms, Study Group Rooms, Coffee Shop, Offices, Conference Rooms, Libraries and much more.

  • A Marquee will present you with detailed instructions on how to enter a room, join others in the Coffee Shop, stop by a facilitators Online office, and so much more!

  • Note: If you are attending a scheduled event in one of the Online VoIP rooms, you can reference your registration email for the room name or get in touch with your Provider.

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