Transfer Your eMod ~ Pay-It-Forward

SHARE Your eMod Apps ~ Pay It Forward


What Is This Feature All About?

This feature is often referred to as the "Pay It Forward" Program, as it enables you to pass on the value and wisdom found within eMods to others you know... just like you would loan a good book to a friend!

How "Pay It Forward" works:

  • The form that appears when you click on this feature will supply you with detailed information regarding the benefits, possible uses, and instructions.
  • In addition, this form will supply you the maximum number of transfers you have available, and how many remaining transfers are left for each transferable eMod course.
  • When you complete the Transfer Form and click submit, it is important to note that your entered information and the information of the transfer recipient is fully confidential. The recipient will automatically receive an email which includes:
  • An explanation of the eMod gift transfer you have sent.<
  • The necessary links for downloading the eMod and respective Network Center.
  • On-Demand Access to Online Live Help Desk (Talk live with support staff).

For Complimentary eMods

  • In addition to your recipient having full access to the eMod after you transfer your complimentary eMod license, you also will retain full access to the eMod!
  • This includes all the eMod Course Viewings, Study Guides and additional eMod features/components such as the Communication and Creativity Center.

For Purchased eMods

  • When you transfer your purchased eMod license, you are truly giving a gift to another, as the transfer will disable your eMod license and pass it to your eMod transfer recipient.
  • You will no longer be able to view your eMod, however you can still attend all the online VoIP activities located in the Collaboration Center (Communication and Creativity Center).

After you transfer your purchased eMod license you can re-active your eMod by:

  • receiving a transfer back from the recipient or
  • purchasing another license for that particular eMod.

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