Ignite and ePublish Your Ideas and Solutions

Ignite and ePublish Your Ideas and Solutions

What Is This Feature All About?

  • Exploring How to ePublish Your Wisdom
  • Pocket Wisdom Parables
  • Accessing eMod App Development Center

The Collaborative Laboratory (Co-Lab) Incubator engages people in a process that supports:

Initial original thought / idea documentation, creation, development, and exploration… within a secure, protected, structured and collaborative cloud (online) environment.

Development of the initial thought / idea through active Participation and Structured Contribution based on proven business principles (BI):

  • Critical Thinking (IQ) – Recognizing “cause and effect” in life situations
  • Independence (EQ) – Integrating
  • Self-authority, Self-responsibility and Self-accountability as a Personal Application
  • Interdependence (EQ) – Integrating
  • Shared-authority, Shared-responsibility and Shared-accountability as a Teamwork Application

Expanded Awareness Consciousness (SQ) – Opening the individual resource of intuition, creativity, spontaneity and discovery

Perfecting of the idea through pilot testing and practical feedback - to attain “across the board” acceptance and support.

ePackaging is the final focal point of the product, marketing, sales, delivery and customer satisfaction. It allows your product to reach your market in a way that it communicates to everybody.

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