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Step 1 Understand the Market Culture and Empower Your Team to Create Strategic Plan

  • Foundation How to Run a PBWII (or Your Private Branded App Network) as a Self-Funding, Self-Perpetuating and Self Regulating Business.  Lessons from the Old World Ethics Venture Capital Industry: Passion and Purpose balanced with Power and Profit. 

    • Support the Goals with Team Culture Training 

    • What is your Value Proposition (PBII to Your Industry)? 

    • What are your Vision, Mission and Principles? 

    • What is your Culture and its Corresponding Objectives? 

  • Unifying Your Industry How to Make it Happen  

    • How to Join the Unification of Your Industry Without Losing Your Identity 

    • Sustain the Industry from a Philosophical, Financial and Political Perspective 

  • Understanding the Culture of Your Market  

    • Expand a Market Discovery a Market Create a Market 

    • Network Culture Assessment Understanding Where They Are Today and Where You Want Them To Grow To 

    • Your Current Knowledge and How To Expand The Perspective  

    • Take Your Cultures Temperature 

    • Recognize the Current Stakeholder Culture Status Its Effects and How to Shift It 

  • Create a Plan Components of the Plan  

    • Goals: Long and Short-term for the Network and Network Culture 

    • Determine Targets of the Industry for Involvement  

    • Culture Principles: Foundation   

    • Grant Opportunities 

    • Apps Types and Formats Sequence of Creation (Considering The EAR Opportunity)  

    • General Content Inventory and Assessment Intellectual Property/Intellectual Assets 

    • Determine Existing Models Available for Augmentation and/or Foundation 

    • Determination of Technology Integrations  

    • Checklist Self-Funding, Self-Perpetuating, Self-Regulating 

    • Timeline and Team Schedule with eMod Advisor and Syllabus

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