PWI SOS Manuals

SOS Manuals and Guides


SOS Theoretical

What is SOS Buddy Support all about?

Explore the what, why and how of SOS Support and discover The Magic Behind the Methodology.


SOS Chat
Manual 101

This Manual includes SOS protocols, suggested chat checklists and more.

It’s your single source for understanding the ins and outs of SOS Support as a practical process.


Career Path

This Handbook illustrates the SOS Buddy career pathway and describes the intelligent human support provided by SOS Agents.

Find out what it’s like to become a SOS Buddy.


SOS Millennial

The Millennial Interaction Guide provides the knowledge necessary to recognize severe challenges within the millennial generation.

It offers a pathway to making ¢ents out of nonsense.

Don't Be Deceived.

Learn What You Need To Know,
Not Just What Someone Wants You To Know.