PWI Co-Lab™ UAS Content Integration

Tools for Learning How to Learn

The UAS Co-Lab™ learning content received qualification to be integrated into the PWI Collaborative Publishing architecture!

Look inside the Collaborative UAS eMod eBook™ to discover the theory behind the learning technology/methodology, then take a look at the first two lessons (out of 15) which put the theory into practice. Keep in mind, this learning methodology is not exclusive to UAS. Any content may be woven within the Collaborative Publishing architecture – be it pilot training, farming, forestry, studying for the bar exam, or any organization-specific employee training.

Lesson 1 introduces the Co-Lab™ principles and models and familiarizes the reader with the learning methodology through use of an engaging narrative structure. This eMod eBook™ discusses the 5 Dimensions of Good Pilot Solutions – How We Learn is More Important Than What We Learn. Learn how to learn so you can learn how to be a UAS operator.

Lesson 2 builds on Lesson 1 and carries forward the narrative theme while demonstrating how the PWI principles, models and learning methodology are essential parts of individual development and maturity.

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