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Topics of Interest
Nurturing Passion Economies


Inside the Mind of the Doctor
Inside the Mind of the Patient

The Patient-Doctor relationship is one of much debate and question.

There is often a lack of trust and partnership between the two parties, which obviously negatively impacts patient health, compliance, loyalty and confidence in long-term care and health.

This class and its companion eMod eBook™ introduces communication solutions that will improve this relationship for the sake of the healthcare patient, professional and profession.

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Inside the Mind of the Dr and Patient

Discover the Secrets
Of Your Team Cultures
At Work, Home, Play, Worship, Volunteer

As people, we come together in many ways and for many reasons. One of these being to direct our collective efforts toward common goals. We formalize this "joining together" by creating organizations, families, communities, recreational teams, networks, etc.

The creation of these collective cultures allows our group efforts to be directed towards achieving something that none of us could accomplish alone.

These collective cultures are often born out of one person's passion (the leader) and the implementation of this passion by others (the followers). Contact Us to Take this Team Culture Assessment … FREE

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For Your Environments

Employee-Owned Cultures – Developing Career Skills (Not Job Skills),
Seeing the Problems of Others and Finding the Solutions

Ever heard of employee-owned companies?

Every company, no matter who the owner is, has a unique culture made of the Perceptions, Attitudes, Thinking, Beliefs and Behaviors of its employees. Employee-owned cultures are created by empowering individuals with the skills to develop trust-based organizations and, as a result, drive community growth – this is social cultural responsibility in action.

Do you want to take charge of your organization and help your community build its own healthy culture? Join to learn how to begin building an employee-owned culture in your organization.

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Employee-Owned Cultures

5 Dimensions of Addiction Recovery
Sobriety is More Than Not Drinking or Not Using or…

Addiction is a natural response to the events of life when we lack the tools to deal with it and have sought, through a substance or behavior, the means to ease the pain/fear.

This is accomplished through 5 Dimensions of Recovery. The PWI 5 Dimensions of Recovery begins with physical sobriety, then moves into emotional sobriety and out of that we build – financial sobriety, relationship sobriety and a place to fit into the world called social sobriety.

Delivering Emotional Sobriety as the foundation for effective recovery, enabling long-term, practical and sustainable change, is a recipe for growing up. Join to learn more about the 5 Dimensions of Recovery.

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5 Dimensions of Recovery

Family-Centered Cultures
Overcoming Personal Challenges as a Team, Together

We often point to the culture of a business as being an indicator of its health, resiliency, adaptability and its drive for innovation – the same could be said of family culture.

What if families were empowered with the tools to reverse social conditioning and distraction by empowering adults and children with the tools to learn, not what to think, but how to THINK?

Discover how this process of learning and maturing as a family leads to increased relationship health. Join to learn how to build a culture of trust and interdependency in your family.

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Family-Centered Cultures

Student-Centered Cultures
Magnifying the Power of Collective Collaborative Learning

Just as employees are a critical element in any business, so are the students in any learning institution. Discover what happens when the perspective of students as the customers is shifted to students as partners.

Student-centered cultures are created by empowering individuals with the skills to develop trust-based institutions and, as a result, drive community growth – this is social cultural responsibility in action.

Join to discover how to implement a student-centered culture in your learning institution.

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Student-Centered Cultures

Integrative Healthcare
Exploring a TOTAL Healthcare Approach, Healing the Whole Person

Departing from the traditional perspective of treating the illness, learn how this integrative approach to healthcare allows patients to be treated as individual ecosystems that need a return to balance.

Discover how shifting the perspective of healthcare practice as a cure for an ill to a guided journey into wellness both educates and empowers the patient to take charge of their healing.

Join to learn how integrative healthcare can improve your experience of life.

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Integrative Healthcare

National Constitutional Freedom
Keeping Your Rights, Not Just Protecting Your Rights

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This incredible idea laid the foundation for a balanced government of the people, by the people and for the people. The Bill of Rights was added later to better describe the freedom of the people.

Join to learn more about preserving National Constitutional Freedom.

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National Constitutional Freedom

Spiritual Values as a Way of Life... Not Just on Sunday

Spiritual values transcend the confines of any single religion to embrace a state of unity with a power greater than ourselves.

The integration of spiritual/religious principles, not from compliance, but coming from a place of trust and a core of ethics moves us into a place of discovery where we can become students of life and of living.

Through spiritual relationships we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Join to learn how to integrate spiritual values as a way of life.

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Spiritual Values as a Way of Life

Unmanned Aircraft
Experience the 4th Dimension of Your Environment
(Be in Two Places at Once, Watching Yourself) with a New Technology of Mobility and Discovery

More than just a tool for a job or a toy for a hobby, learn how Unmanned Aircraft are empowering students by giving them tools for a life of discovery and success.

Explore the endless possibilities for Applied Knowledge Transfer™, learning how to learn and identifying career pathways that empower students and mentors alike to broaden their perspectives and discover what drives them.

Join to explore the learning pathways of unmanned aircraft and find out how you can take part in the experience.

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Unmanned Aircraft

Veteran Wisdom
The Methodology (Teamwork and Loyalty)
The Men Who Protected Our Country and Helped Re-Build Nations, They Have Much to Share

All too often, those who have taken up the honorable cause of preserving the freedom and a way of life for a country and a people they love experience tremendous challenges in leaving the warrior’s path to join those they protected.

Discover methods of re-integrating veterans into our communities with dignity by assigning value to their experience and once again providing them with leadership and mentorship roles – providing purpose and direction to those seeking a way to continue service to their communities.

Join to learn how to support and distribute the veteran wisdom in your community.

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Veteran Wisdom

Pet Therapy
Animals Hold the Key to Discovering Trust and Love, Learn to Try It…
You Don’t Have to Catch It, It Catches You

For many who struggle with a life-changing illness, loss of mobility, loss of hope or a lack of answers, what often helps the most is to have a sympathetic partner willing to share the burden.

The selflessness of animals makes them ideal companions to share strength and boost resiliency, changing hope-less into hope-full. Witness the amazing shift in patients when they discover, often for the first time, the mutual trust and friendship through a relationship rooted in clear selfless intent.

Join to learn how to bring pet therapy into the healing centers of your community.

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Pet Therapy

Responsible Weapon Handling
The Challenge with Weapons is Not in the Device, but in the Hands that Hold the Device…
Become Part of a Community that is Making a Real Difference

Weapons have been a necessary element of peace ever since the idea of peace was conceived, and they continue to serve that purpose. The United States’ founding fathers understood that well and established within our guiding doctrine the right to keep and bear arms.

Exercising that right comes with tremendous responsibility, as does being a responsible, contributing citizen in your community. Discover the benefits of sharing the knowledge of weapons handling with others.

Join to learn how to take up arms for the cause of mentorship, interdependency, trust and maturity.

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Responsible Weapon Handling

Movies with a Message
Have you ever missed the boat when it comes to getting the most out of a story?
Is it because you didn’t know what to look for,
or didn’t know that you should be looking?

Movies return to each of us a powerful and meaningful message. We often overlook and do not hear the message, but without question we DID EXPERIENCE the message as laughter (recognition of the ridiculous) sadness (recognition of loss) and much more.

What would it be like to be able to go back and re-capture not just the moment, but the message and learn? As it is in many areas of life, a little guidance goes a long way in helping us to get the most out of our experiences.

Join to discover how to watch for the sometimes-hidden message within and learn how to see things through the frame of principles.

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Movies with a Message

Teamwork and Sports
Sports Develop a Recognition of Teamwork (Better Together)
and the Power of Focused Unity (Learn How to do it in all Areas of Life)

Like it is within any successful organization, whether the focus be on finance, construction, fund-raising or religious fellowship, teamwork is the cornerstone of success.

However, an unfortunate reality facing today’s culture is a lack of understanding of what teamwork is and of how it works. Keeping your eye on the ball is about so much more than the ball. An organization is its people, and when those people come together to pursue a common cause for a shared intent, that’s when the real magic happens.

Join to discover how participation in sports, and in doing one’s best, nurtures a value of teamwork and recognition of a purpose and pursuit greater than self.

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Teamwork and Sports

Sailing and Maritime
The Sea is the Greatest Highway on Planet Earth,
It Goes Everywhere that Exists and
Provides the Fuel to Take You There, Discovering the Treasures of the World…

“But my life, my love and my lady is the sea” – Looking Glass. For all those drawn to the glittering swells and salty breeze here is a refuge for you to lay anchor and exchange your sailing and maritime wisdom.

Pass on what experience has taught you and learn from the experiences of others. Add to your perspective the importance of a focus on teamwork and communication. The sea has much to teach us, if we are willing to listen.

Join to discover the adventure and value in the Sailing and Maritime Topic of Interest.

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Sailing and Maritime

Motorcycle Travels
The Freedom to Fly on Two Wheels, To Feel Every Piece of the Road,
Smell Every Scent on the Breeze, Know the Freshness of the Rain and the Warm Glow of the Sun

Saddle up your iron horse and go on an adventure of discovery. A motorcycle is so much more than another option for transportation, it’s a whole new way of interaction with your surroundings.

The highway calls to travelers searching for the freedom of the open road and the thrill of exploring the countryside. Join the ranks of riders who have a legacy of stories to tell and wisdom to pass on.

Join to share knowledge with others or find the knowledge you seek in this community of adventurers.

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Motorcycle Travels

Travel in Mexico
The Magic of a Land That Knows Only Love… of Song, of Helping, of Giving,
of Discovering the Old in the Temples They Built

Whether you are in it for the food, the nightlife, exploration of history or the sailing, one central theme that ties every aspect of Mexico together is the culture.

Travel in Mexico is an experience of a warm and vibrant culture of caring and respectful individuals dedicated to their families and communities. Visitors are embraced as neighbors and welcomed to experience all the Mexican culture has to offer.

Join to learn about the rich history and deep roots of this passionate, artistic and soulful people.

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Travel in Mexico

Art and Creativity
Art is the Expression of the Soul and the Flow of the Real You

Creativity is many things – it is an expression of the heART, it is the putting together of two or more previously unrelated thoughts and/or ideas. Creativity builds a bridge from the past to the future…

Express your passion through a medium, be it music, paint, crafts, carpentry and so many more. This community is a place to see through the eyes of another, grow and share your creativity, learn from others and learn how to continually improve your skill.

Expand your sense of expression through a guided publishing system / classes and global network. Join and watch as art takes form and life lessons are exchanged.

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Art and Creativity

Animal Lovers
Nature Expresses Itself in All Life

Animals have the gift of acceptance of life itself - we just have to learn to watch and see how they do it. When we do, we observe that acceptance is the natural path of love and how to find love.

Together, we create an environment of love, safety and empowerment for animals, animal groups and animal lovers around the world. Through a shared love of animals, we develop symbiotic relationships of trust, care and mutual benefit to impact businesses, healthcare, travel and local communities.

Animals embody the founding principles of Honesty, Selflessness, Understanding, Pure Intentions and Reality/Love. Join to discover how the wisdom of nature is right beneath our noses and how we may learn from it, if we have the sense to look.

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Animal Lovers

The Presence of Inequality in the Process of Commerce,
the Give and Take of Goods and Services Between People

A homelessness epidemic is on the rise. Perhaps it is time to address this challenge to humanity. For when we become ready to address the real problem, it will no longer be a battle of the Robin Hood solution.

The solution is found in empowerment as the solution to inequality. This Topic of Interest is focused on restoring community strength and sustainability by reversing entitlement, homelessness and addiction.

By building up the people in a community and establishing a healthy culture of interdependence, we build healthy communities that nurture and support all their members. Join to provide real solutions to those without a place to call home.

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Real Solutions for Homelessness

More than Just Limiting,
We May Consider Broadening the Perspective of Conservation
To Expand and Grow the Miracle of Life

Every one of us is a part of nature – to protect and preserve nature is to keep humanity safe. The Conservation Topic of Interest is a place for all who wish to take charge of humanity’s impact on our planet and all its resources – plants, animals, land, water and people too!

Developing a conservation mindset allows us to examine each decision and weigh it against the larger picture. Those who have the calling of conservation must become teachers for others who have yet to hear the call, or just aren’t listening.

Join to enter a community of principle-based individuals possessing the tools to make a difference in how we think about conservation.

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A Conservation Mindset