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You are ready to begin a journey that utilizes a powerful educational technology in combination with personal coaching—that will positively impact every aspect of your life.

Pocket Wisdom Insights is committed to advancing the understanding and acceptance of body, mind, and spirit healing. We believe this evolution begins by providing an ongoing process that deepens your awareness of your own spirituality.

There is nothing mysterious about the concept of spirituality. It is the quality or state of being spiritual. And being spiritual is all about being true to what and who you are in each moment.
There is a world that lives within you that no one else can discover for you. What we can do is ‘walk with you’ through a process that gives you a deeper glimpse of a presence and power that does lie within you— “That Something Within your Soul.”

A person once said, “There really is no such thing as a spiritual journey…but if there were, it would be only a quarter inch long, and many miles deep.” This journey begins by utilizing a simple, yet powerful process that allows you to decide how many miles deep you want to go.

Enjoy this first mile of your journey from WITHIN!

Richard Jorgensen
President and Founder
Pocket Wisdom Insights


There are two perspectives we can live from as we travel through life:
  • Are we human beings having a spiritual experience?
  • Are we spiritual beings having a human experience?
The first perspective assumes that our humanness is primary and that we simply experience spiritual events within this human experience.

However, the second perspective acknowledges that our ‘spiritual ness’ is primary and as mind, body, and spirit beings, we are not only part of Creation, but also connected to ITS Creator.

The Pocket Wisdom Insights Learning System you are about to experience is based on the second perspective. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are made up of three dimensions that form an integrated system that works together—each dimension teaching and learning from the others.
  • Mind—the power to reason and understand
  • Body—the power to have physical balance
  • Spirit—the power to know our life purpose
We are spiritual beings that work as a mind, body, and spirit system. We were not created by chance or through some cosmic accident. On the contrary, we were created with a reason for BEING. We have a purpose. We have a direct connection to and from our Creator.
  • Our MIND possesses our abilities to reason, understand, and decide who we are.
  • The BODY becomes the vehicle within which we implement our life’s purpose.
  • Our SPIRIT embodies our purpose and contains a ‘road map’ that connects us to our SOURCE.
We can simplify all these concepts by thinking of this system of mind, body, and spirit as the 'structure' of spirituality. This raises the question, "How do we become aware of our spirituality?

As human beings we experience life through the three levels of awareness.
  • We KNOW things to be true without having to understand them.
  • We UNDERSTAND things through the utilization of reason.
  • We BELIEVE things to be true because of past experiences.

When all three of these levels of awareness are active and in harmony with each other, spirituality becomes very practical. We begin to live from the four pillars of spirituality:
  • Intuition—tells you what to do
  • Creativity—tells you how to do it
  • Spontaneity—tells you when to do it
  • Faith—tells you we can do it
Intuition, Creativity, Spontaneity, and Faith give us four 'legs to stand on' as we experience life. From these pillars, we discover how to simplify and implement spirituality—we figure out how to be spiritual beings while having this human experience. We discover our purpose and passion.

Now it becomes our 'job' to implement this entity we are—mind, body, and spirit. We accomplish this by living life as a process of change, balance, and connectedness.

Our universe is alive and flowing—always changing—not for the sake of change, but for the purpose of evolving, unfolding, and manifesting ITSELF and all things within IT. It is our purpose to 'join with' the Universe so that we too will evolve, unfold, and manifest OUR SELF. We DO this by making change, balance, and connectedness practical realities in our everyday lives.

And so, change, balance, and connectedness are the primary themes of this educational process you are about to experience. You will now begin to open a door to an inner world that is totally in tune with the Universe.

The Pocket Wisdom Insights educational process will assist you in identifying perceptions, attitudes, thinking, and behaviors that support your spiritual growth. It will also allow you to identify those that blind and block you from experiencing the depth of who you really are.

This human experience contains many illusions that can cause us to become obsessed with the external world. When this happens, our inner world haunts us. We desperately search for who and what we are—yearning for purpose and passion—trying to fill a whole inside that is already filled. 

The Goals for
The Pocket Wisdom Insights Educational Process

Change: To provide tools to change limiting and destructive perceptions, attitudes, thinking, and behavior to restore healthy reasoning.

Balance: To provide educational technologies that resolves past issues of hurt, guilt, fear, anger, and shame that cause physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

Connectedness: To provide ongoing experiences designed to deepen a person’s awareness of ‘That Something’ within and develop the ability to constantly re-connect to the Source of 'That Something.’

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