Pocket Wisdom Insights Recovery Principles
Passage to 12 Step Recovery
Three Foundational Principles
Four Absolutes
Three Foundational Principles:
  1. Trust God – A Partnership to Know our Passion and Purpose
  2. Clean House – Finding Truth and Developing Life Skills
  3. Help Others – Passing Wisdom to Others
Four Absolutes:
To walk such a path there are four absolutes that must be followed.
These absolutes are both independent of each other
and Interdependent as a collective.
As each piece is implemented,
it lays the foundation for the next step of the path.

Honesty– is the most foundational piece. Without honesty, there is not reality. There is only illusion and fantasy. Honesty allows us to see everything, not only what we ‘want’ to see. It pierces the veil of illusion. Remember, pain is only the difference between what is and what I want it to be.
Honesty is accepting the world as it is, and not how I want it to be.
Without honesty there is no love….. only fantasy.

Love is far more than an emotion. It is a state. Love is like the idiom, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” To have real love you must have ALL the pieces that make up love.

Love is made up of three things:
  • Attention – You can see, hear, smell and experience the world as it is.
  • Respect – You can see others and not judge them as right or wrong and try to change them.
  • Appreciation – You can find intrinsic value and purpose in what others are doing it their own life experience.
When you have love, you are in the present and not the past or the future. Until we have love, we cannot live and experience the power of the Great commandment, “Love God with all your heart.”

Love is what you give and not what you take. Without the great commandment, you will never know love. And without love… you will never know God. In this world, you get what you give. If you give love to God, you get love back. You experience (believe) that you are Love. Without Love and God, you cannot have Self-Love. Without Self-Love, you cannot experience the second great commandment… “Love others as you love yourself.”
Because “we get what we give,” without love as our foundation for our life
we must be careful what we give…
for surely we will get it back ten times.
For most people honesty is situational.
We learn that honesty is conditional in order to:
  • Survive and experience life
  • Be free to live and experience your life
  • To be useful and experience accomplishments
  • To be loved and experience love for who we are
  • To have an identity and experience BEING who we are (remembering we are really spiritual being just having a human experience.
With a foundation of honesty and all of its benefits, we have to tools to be…

Selfless – With the foundation of Honesty we are not capable of selflessness. Selfless is not to deny or ignore self. Selfless is to implement the second great commandment… “Love others as you love yourself”…. With true love as our foundation, we lose the obsession of self. We can now think of others and not only think of ourselves. Selflessness gives us the ability to see ourselves and others as equal… not better than, not less than… but equal and different. With the gift of selflessness, we can live a life of…

Purity of Intent – With the foundation of Honesty and Selflessness, we no longer need hidden agendas. We no longer need to be sneaky or use manipulation to get what we need or want. We use the tools of Honesty and Selflessness to openly exchange based on value to each. Purity of Intent gives us the tools to…

Experience Reality – Not reliving the past or living in the future… but in the present moment. “God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (the past or the future) the courage to change the things I can (the present) and the wisdom to know the difference.”
In the Final Analysis,
In Order to Achieve Emotional Sobriety
We Must Live a Life Based on

Three Foundational Principles and
Four Absolutes:

1.Trust God – A Partnership to Know our Passion and Purpose
  • Learn to recognize and let go of fear, and replace it with trust in God and trust in self.
  • We must learn what is right based on principles, unlearn the old ways and re-learn new ways.
2.Clean House – Finding Truth and Developing Life Skills

We must learn to:
  • Recognize dishonesty and Re-learn Honesty
  • Recognize Selfishness and Re-learn Selflessness
  • Recognize Hidden Agendas and Re-learn Purity of Intentions
  • Recognize Manipulation and Fear and Re-learn Trust and Love

3.Help Others – Passing Wisdom to Others
  • You Get Back What You Give”

Emotional Sobriety is a journey and not a destination.
It is a process and not an event.

Your Next Steps

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