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Relationships are part of every aspect of our lives. We have intimate, family, friendship, fellowship, social, civic, and business relationships.
  • Life is easy when our relationships are in harmony.
  • Life is difficult when our relationships are filled with conflict and stress.
Why are we able to trace stress back to this one common denominator called relationships? We may even ask, “which came first, stress or relationships?”

Stress is one of the most talked about realities of life. We believe it is unavoidable. Stress comes in all shapes and sizes. It affects all of us-- the young, elderly, and everyone in between.

We do studies on stress. We refer to it as an epidemic. Stress has been linked as a cause of many chronic and terminal conditions.

Businesses report the impact of stress by measuring absenteeism, diminished productivity, turnover, accidents, direct legal, medical, and insurance fees, Worker’s Compensation awards, etc.

Stress is part and parcel of problems like divorce, custody battles, adolescent struggles, financial worries, anger, depression, and various forms of abuse.

We think of stress as a way of life. We spend millions of dollars learning how to manage and cope with stress, but our problems persist and grow. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh approach to stress. Maybe we can look at stress as something we can resolve.

In this educational process, we will examine the learned patterns of relating to others that cause conflict. Many of our LEARNED perspectives, attitudes, thinking, and behaviors are destructive to relationships.

This process will give us the tools to identify the specific perceptions, thinking, attitudes, and behaviors that cause stress in our relationships.

This proven technology will accelerate the process of unlearning and re-learning. This will allow us to STOP the attitudes and behaviors that cause stress and START those that make relationships successful and fulfilling.

We will look at the core attitudes and behaviors that result in stress:
  • Emotional Immaturity
  • Passive-Aggressive Control
  • Victim Thinking
  • Excessive, Compulsive, and Addictive Perceptions and Behaviors
These learned behaviors cause us stress because they stunt the development of Self-Identity and Self-Esteem. The lack of Self-Identity and Self-Esteem are at the very core of conflicts and stress in our relationships.

This Learning System is based on the belief that stress is not a problem to solve, but an opportunity to resolve behaviors.

Resolution of stress in relationships starts by replacing:
  • Immaturity with Maturity
  • Passive-Aggressive Control with Empowerment
  • Victim Thinking with Personal Power
  • Addiction with Self Control
When these learned behaviors are resolved, we are able to create:
  • Family and personal relationships based on attention, respect, and appreciation
  • Organizational relationships based on the exchange of creativity, compassion, and support
The journey towards resolving stress and conflict begins with letting go of the illusion of inequality.

When we do this, fulfilling relationships are the result.

We do not have to “work at” healthy relationships, they just happen.
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