Pocket Wisdom Insights Principles
The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series
helps us integrate
proven Life Principles that have
been around for many centuries
into an educational process that includes
both learning and personal interaction.

It explains the ‘cause and effect’ of HOW
and WHY we experience life
and offers a clear understanding of
how to create successful and fulfilling experiences
within our cultures
at home, school, work, worship and play.

Principles vs. Rules

The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series uses a unique blend of principles that are drawn from writings dating back thousands of years. Each writer had a unique view of the world. Each has come, left a profound message, and left in bewilderment, amazed at man’s inability to grasp, embrace, and apply these principles to their life. Over time, these principles became rigid rules. Principles are taught from a vibrant life process perspective and not static rules about life situations.

The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series is built upon a foundation of universal principles that have been around for centuries. These principles offer a perspective of life that creates clarity, understanding, and harmony and success at home, work, worship and play.

Process vs. Event

Each of the messages delivered in the Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series are taught as a process, as compared to many other educational programs that are taught as an event – as having a beginning and an end. Event-based programs are used on occasion but not truly integrated into one’s life process. The Pocket Wisdom Insights Series offer an educational experience that is a true process and is meant to give you the tools to integrate these Universal Life Principles into your everyday life process for fulfillment and success. It begins to assist you to move from living life from event to event, to an understanding of cause and effect.

The concepts and principles in this eMod have been developed and are presented in an unfolding fashion, as each chapter builds upon the previous one. The nature of this design is reflective to the writing style of some of the great writers of our world such as John Steinbeck and Jack London and is also comparable to the likes of the lotus flower, slowly revealing more of its fragrant and beautiful blossoms. The process of how the information unfolds creates the flow in which you naturally become part of, enabling you to connect with the information and truly integrate it into your life process.

Learning Systems vs. Teaching Systems

The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series is a true learning system and not a teaching system. The focus is on providing you with ALL the learning modalities in a single package. It allows for whether you learn from the big picture to the specific pieces or if you need the pieces one at a time to come to a big picture conclusion. The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series assist you in overcoming learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia to name a few. It is the philosophy of and experience of how we are taught is as important as what we are taught, because how we are taught is how the information will be applied in our lives. Teaching Systems assist the teachers in presenting the information, whereas true Learning Systems focus on supporting the student’s learning process.

Conscious vs. Non-Conscious

The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series delivers the information on both a conscious and non-conscious level, starting with the left-brain (logical), through the decision process, and then into the right-brain (emotional). This process is unlike most teaching styles that only delivers information to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is NOT where all our learned behaviors reside. For instance, we no longer have to think about driving a car or riding a bike. The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series connects with the part of the mind that has that original learning stored, where as other teachings can only talk with the conscious mind that is reacting to the learned patterns of perception, attitude, thinking and behavior. This is why motivational and other teachings often fade away after time, and are very difficult to integrate into our lives.

Many times, our past teaching, be it from family, school, friends or society do not serve us well in present day life. We may have “learned” certain behaviors or perhaps took on the thoughts and beliefs of others because we did not have the tools to successfully make our own decisions about what would aid us in our life journey. By delivering information to both the conscious and non-conscious mind concurrently, we can more effectively revisit learned information of our past, explore new present information and make new decisions as to which information serves us best.

Cause vs. Symptom

Rather than addressing the symptom, The Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Series presents information that allows you to go to the root cause of the problem. You can clearly see the problems and the Universal principles as well as the “cause and effect” that interrelate to the solutions. In this way, you are able to address numerous challenges and you can create change for many situations, again by addressing the root causes. The alternative is to address the symptom(s). However, by doing so, the same or new symptoms are likely to reoccur. It would be like taking aspirin for a fever when you really have a fever because you are experiencing severe appendicitis. The aspirin may reduce the fever but does little to correct the root cause of the problem.

Over and Over

Because these are principle-based eMods they are best utilized by repeating the course material. They will provide you with the Principles to address whatever situations may be happening in your life. You will find that using the Principles will provide you with choices and guidance, instead of trying to apply rigid rules from a past event to a current life situation. Thus, the process becomes dynamic and not just a static set of rules that becomes obsolete.

In addition to being able to repeat the eMod Course, you will have access to the VoIP online resources, found at online Universities, including classes with this author and opportunities to start your own Study Groups based on the material presented in this eMod. You can watch this eMod over and over again, thus allowing the Principles to guide you in making new decisions about new events and situations in your life.

The Result of "This Back to Basics"


If you choose to integrate these
Universal Life Principles into your life,
you will experience a dynamic process that
will help you gain fresh insights into
achieving success, purpose and peace in life.

You will experience more choices, expanded clarity
of your self-identity and greater self-authority that
will allow you to fulfill your own
Personal Vision, Mission, and Life Goals.

Your Next Steps

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