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Journey 2 Letting Go of Past Behaviors eMod
Journey 2 Letting Go of Past Behaviors eMod

Journey 2 Letting Go of Past Behaviors eMod

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Journey 2: Letting Go of Past Behaviors

In Journey 2: Letting Go of Behavior, Part 2 of a three-part series, Richard Jorgensen PhD presents a workable, principle-based approach for solving behavioral problems that are expressed in both our personal and professional worlds."

Letting Go of Behaviors is identifying the need to control, and seeing alternative choices to obtain the same desired result, i.e. surrender, which is not letting go of the goal but letting go of how to achieve it." Learn more about how our emotions cause us to react, resulting in addiction, victimization, guilt and shame.

This eMod puts forward an insightful pathway for living with integrity, honesty, and resolution, allowing you to adapt to change, and coming from wisdom, experience, and seen opportunities. Some of you have realized the traditional methods of 'coping' are not helping bring resolve, and so are seeking a deeper collection of wisdom. You know the problem, now learn how to resolve it...for real this time.

  • Excessive, compulsive, addictive thinking
  • Learn the cycle of good guy, bad guy, victim
  • Learn how we develop learned roles
  • Resolve past experiences of guilt and shame
  • Live with a positive self esteem
  • Let Go of Past Behaviors---new healthy decisions!


This PLT eMod offers practical solutions for people of all ages, learning styles and challenges. Everyone can and does benefit from this transformational learning (unlearning and relearning) experience that allows you to grow in a non-confrontational, non-threatening and non-disclosing learning environment.

Your Journey 2: Letting Go of Behavior eMod learning experience includes:

  • PLT Computer Viewings
  • 5 Step eMod Learning Process
  • Interactive Study Guides
  • Feedback Self-Assessments
  • FREE Online Facilitated Discussion Classes
  • Custom Facilitated Discussion Classes
  • Learner APP Opportunities
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Content Coaching (Optional)
  • Professional Progress Reports (Optional)
  • Monitoring (Optional)
  • Socratic Questioning
  • 9 Multiple Intelligences
  • Brain-Balanced Learning
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • RichEarl Awareness Exercises
  • Transformational Learning (Unlearning and Relearning)
  • Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence (IQ, EQ, SQ)
  • Overcomes Learning Challenges (ADD/ADHD, Poor Concentration, Dyslexia)


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