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Bonus: By the Book (...The Big Book) eMod
Bonus: By the Book (...The Big Book) eMod

Bonus: By the Book (...The Big Book) eMod

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?For many people, recovery falls into two categories?

  • Stage 1: Learning to maintain abstinence from a behavior or substance

  • Stage 2: Developing Emotional Maturity and True Spiritual Acceptance Many people, in recovery never reach the second stage of recovery.  They stay stuck in a process of reaching out and then experience another emotional relapse.?      ~ Bill Wilson

The Flip eBook introduces you to the concept of Emotional Sobriety as defined and inspired by Bill Wilson?s published writing of 1958, The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety.  The eBook provides you with A Back to Basics Approach to AA Recovery as we explore and define the principles of Emotional Sobriety as taught by the Big Book.   

This is a great read for people in recovery, people looking to enter recovery, people interested in learning about the principles of AA and the teachings of the Big Book and ALL those interested in finding Emotional Sobriety, Emotional Maturity and Emotional Resolution.   

As we explore excerpts from the Big Book that teach emotional sobriety, you will learn that the insanity of alcoholism is that: it isn?t the alcohol that?s our problem?it?s our thinking, beliefs, logic and reasoning.  

You will learn about the root cause of addiction (fear and control) and how you can overcome it and find The Promises using the Big Book Principles: Emotional Maturity, Spiritual Acceptance, The Four Absolutes and Support (Communication).  Lastly you will be introduced to the Pocket Wisdom approach to emotional sobriety, which has been known to speed up emotional recovery by 3 years.  The Pocket Wisdom approach supports recovery and helps recovering addicts in the implementation and application of the 12 Steps and The Big Book Principles.  Enjoy!  

The topics covered in this Flip eBook are:

  • Emotional Sobriety and The Big Book     
  • The Crux of Fear           
  • The Truth About Fear    
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Communication Skills
  • The Four Absolutes
  • Spiritual Discovery and Acceptance
  • Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence (IQ, EQ, SQ)
  • Pocket Wisdom Emotional Sobriety  

May this be the start of a new chapter in your life ? of growth and awareness.  Whether you identify with what is being said in this eBook or not, enjoy the journey!  

Your "Emotional Sobriety: By The Book (...The Big Book) eMod" learning experience includes:

  • A Flip eBook
  • An Online Facilitated Discussion Class
  • A Peer Co-Facilitated Discussion Class
  • A Learner APP Opportunity        
  • Socratic Questioning
  • 9 Multiple Intelligences  
  • Brain-Balanced Learning            
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • RichEarl? Awareness Exercises

Please Note: There are more Flip eMods and Videos to explore around the topics of Addiction Recovery and Emotional Sobriety.  Additionally we recommend you explore The Complementary PLT eMods offered by Recovery PLUS and join The Recovery PLUS Network.  The Recovery PLUS Network offers a 5 Step Transformational Learning Process for all those young and old who are looking to find Emotional Sobriety, Emotional Maturity and The Promises.  The 5 Step Transformational Learning Process can be used in conjunction with AA (and other groups), 12 Step work, therapy, counseling, monitoring or simply as is for personal growth. 

Remember to register for the FREE Online Facilitated Discussion Classes to explore the topics, ideas, methodologies, concepts, technologies, applications and solutions covered in the Flip eBooks.

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