LEGACY CRUISES: Publishing with a Taste of Salt

LEGACY CRUISES: Publishing with a Taste of Salt


The Sea is the original highway of the world on which countless yachts were the carriers of many people. As time passes, history leaves these beautiful yachts behind. Yet, many of these yachts have been adopted by caretakers. Driven by the love of their original beauty, these yachts began a process of restoration.

The “Taste of Salt” is a select group of vintage yachts that have been restored to provide not only a picture of their original beauty, but also enable people to actually re-experience that magical time in history.

The “Taste of Salt” journey begins with a sponsoring marina, who encourages community interest, growth and exposure through:

  • Boating Resources
  • Social Events
  • Entertainment
  • Quaint Restaurants
  • Specialty Shops

Sponsoring marinas then feature these vintage yachts, where each of these heritage vessels can be re-experienced:

  • Bunk and Breakfast
  • 4-Hour evening Cruise
  • 24-Hour Overnight Bay Anchor Cruise
  • 72-Hour/3 day Extended Cruise to Catalina Island


We must remember that each of these heritage vessels holds a story, and within each story are thousands of untold treasures of historical experience, wisdom and insight.


As part of the “Taste of Salt” membership the history and heritage of a vessel is captured and shared with the world, using a PWI Adventure Buddy App. The travelers of today (families, friends, couples, corporate groups, social groups, etc.) can re-experience the heritage of these restored yachts by going on an adventure of their own… learning the past, experiencing the present.

Guests and travelers each receive their own copy of the PWI Adventure Buddy App upon signing up for a cruise. It will serve as a personal guide for the journey with interactive communication and educationthat works on any computer, tablet or iPhone, smart phone or droid.

The PWI Adventure Buddy App provides guests and travelers access to historical facts and present day information about the vessel, including nautical artifacts, rules and regulations, sightseeing highlights, and summaries of the different adventure cruises available. On these “Taste of Salt” adventures, travelers will experience not just the magic of the vessel, but mysteries on the shore in its secluded parks, natural trails and miles of bike paths, as all part of an unforgettable journey, as well as, a destination.

The PWI Adventure Buddy App provides guests and travelers a foundation for getting the most of the vintage journey. This unique App not only provides insight about the vessel statistics and tourist attractions, it also provides insight into the culture of the land to give travelers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sea, the people and their ways.



Most important, Publishing with a "Taste of Salt" provides guests and travelers will have the opportunity to create their own magical memoirs, chronicling their adventures and experience through personal reflections, photos, videos, audio recordings, poetry, short stories and so forth to then share with friends, family, future travelers… the world.

To make it easy and structured, the PWI Adventure Buddy App contains special publishing platform called a Co-Lab. The Co-Lab serves as a virtual idea development hub and offers Quick Start Publishing Resources to provide guests and travelers the tools and support to create PWI Adventure Buddy App-Ons.

What are App-Ons? They are additions to the existing app that showcase the personal experiences of people -- adding new insight onto the original PWI Adventure Buddy App. The App-On experience allows participants to gain a different frame of reference to broaden the line of perception and discover new dimensions of possibility.


We know that man’s greatest accomplishments are a results of all stakeholders. When all stakeholders have the opportunity to collaborate their individual perspectives and ideas, we get the best of the best. The formation of the United States and the Constitution are examples of this principle.

Travelers can take the memory and experience from their legacy passage back home with them, so they can re-live the magic and wisdom found on one of these adventures. Returning from the passage is not the end, it is a new beginning.


Please enjoy the following PWI Adventure Buddy App-On example, as it was co-authored by a young school teacher and retreat facilitator. This teacher participated in one of the educational passages aboard the vintage yacht Midnight Sun.


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