Calling All Veteran Leaders

Calling All Veteran Leaders

"I think there is one higher office than president
and I would call that PATRIOT." -Gary Hart-

Veterans are our national treasure. We owe them much for the life, liberties and freedoms we have today. Yet, many vets struggle to return, to their “real worlds.” The adjustment back to the “norm” can be challenging.

Many vets struggle to let go of what they have seen; start to question life, its meaning and their place in it. Dealing with the challenges of trauma, war and the past can become overwhelming… especially without a constant and consistent support system, community and / or brotherhood to buddy up with.

“The Veterans Co-Lab of The World” (VCW) is an online outreach program that connects and supports “Veteran Villages” and communities.

We work in collaboration with businesses, communities, Veteran Organizations, Non-profits and Charities to offer a FREE cyber community and brotherhood (that can include educational training, courseware, job skill training, job opportunities, publishing opportunities and resources) to support veterans and their families.

The program is offered by AwareComm LLC and funded by, local businesses and organizations working with community leaders.

The design and implementation of the program
is a
WIN-WIN-WIN for everybody!

Business WIN because they get a FREE EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE RESOURCE (E.A.R) for their network (employees, customers and customer’s customers) AND for every E.A.R distributed the Veterans Community gets a FREE VETERAN’S RECOVERY E.A.R.

  • Employees and Their Families Benefit
  • Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Allows Charity Investment to Yield and ROI
  • Boosts their image and gives them community presence and recognition

Communities WIN because The E.A.R strengths, unites and builds stronger communities:

  • Enhances recovery - builds a foundation for living life
  • Collects the data to optimize recovery and effectiveness -
  • Quantitative information to validate goals and cost effectiveness for funding -
  • Improve program effectiveness, expand grant and fund raising opportunities

Veterans WIN because

  • They get a FREE Veteran’s Recovery E.A.R. to rebuild life and deal with PTSD.
  • Scientifically proven long-term change - improved mood - a “cyber buddy brotherhood” - tools to live and deal with life on life’s terms

The outreach forms “technology partnerships” with the shared goal of helping communities and veterans, facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Homelessness
  • Unemployment
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Alcohol and Drug Related Addictions and / or Dependencies
  • Stress, Anxiety and / or Depression , Hopelessness and Helplessness

Using advanced delivery and communications technology, “The Veterans Co-Lab of The World” offers its partners comprehensive E.A.R. solutions to support, enhance and augment existing programs with tools for:

  • PTSD Rehabilitation
  • Addiction Rehabilitation
  • HealthCare Rehabilitation
  • Leadership Rehabilitation
  • Educational Rehabilitation
  • Legal Rehabilitation
  • Financial Rehabilitation
  • Job and Skills Training
  • Legacy Publishing (Personal, Skills & Educational Publishing)

The FREE VETERAN’S RECOVERY E.A.R. is developed and customized for veteran communities, by veteran communities in a Collaboration (Co-Lab) Wisdom Incubator. This ensures 100% agreement and investment in the Resources and Programs. Customization of the E.A.R in the Co-Lab Incubator include:

Co-Lab Incubator

  • Selecting from an existing content library
  • Adding various community content
  • Choosing technology plug-ins

The Co-Lab Incubator is committed to bringing a Business Philosophy of “B” Corp within the E.A.R Ecosystem.The Co-Lab Incubator allows communities have the opportunity to come together, collaborate and create through:

  • RESEARCH: Clarify key issues and causes (problems to be solved)
  • DEVELOPMENT: Assemble necessary resources, plugins and content needed to make it a true ecosystem
  • STRATEGY: Develop the E.A.R strategy, implementation and rollout of the project in a manner that will result in Veteran Communities that are:
    • Self-Perpetuating
    • Self-Regulating
    • Self-Funding

The Co-lab Incubator is the core of the program and enables communities and representatives of the community to collaborate and create comprehensive programs tailored to meet the specific needs of all stakeholders. Incubator participation, Buddy App customization and development are funded by a balance of crowd, community and grants. The Co-Lab Incubator features pre-programmed templates that allow for cost – effective quick, easy and collaborative program development that:

  • Dramatically slashes development cost
  • Insures comprehensive application customization
  • Incorporates a wide range of powerful plug-in enhancements
  • Reduces support and maintain costs while improving customer satisfaction
  • The outcome of the Co-Lab Incubator are customized Interactive eMod Buddy Apps that are:

Never out of sight and never out of mind... Create, maintain and perpetuate the buzz.

Provide constant and consistent support and connection of the BROTHERHOOD
with online text chats, face to face video conferencing and more


To learn more about “The Veterans Co-Lab of The World” program and how you can get involved, we invite you to in introductory meeting held in the Co-Lab Incubator Auditorium.

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