Transcending Museums into Living Legacies

Transcending Museums into Living Legacies

History is everywhere. The chronicle record of events fill our library shelves, city streets and cob-webbed attics. History really is an ongoing story. It encapsulates life at various moments in time. There is often a heritage connected to our history – as families, communities, nations and as members of planet earth. We hold the heritage and culture of our historical experiences dear to our hearts; we want to sustain the lessons learned and wisdom gained. Not only is it part of who we are today, but a part of the life we want to share and pass onto others.

Museums are incredible time capsules for housing history and heritage. As a chronicle of events and collector of artifacts, museums around the world connect us to our past by engaging our senses and taking us on a dimensional journey. However, museums have far more purpose than just being a history record. Museums hold the key to honoring Living Legacies– true stories, real stories, and complete stories of the people.


To drive such a transition, of museums representing legacies, requires the same energy that created our great country. This energy, insight and wisdom is ready and waiting to be shared.

Legacy Publishing: Where History Repeats Itself

Legacy Publishing focuses on transcending the wisdom found within our history as a means for bringing insight to life today. It’s not just to relish in the past (the good and the bad), but to learn from the past and apply history to our present. Thus, we put a positive twist to the age old phrase: “history doesn’t repeat itself, we repeat history.” It’s not to focus on repeating the mistakes in history, rather, repeating the wisdom and insight in history.

Museums must transcend into legacies. Museums are the platform to honor the stories of ordinary (and extra-ordinary) people who created and contributed to notable historical events.

Retired Careers and Refocused Purpose:The People Found in Our Heritage

Many have found themselves implementing long-ranged retirement planning programs, only to find themselves a day late and a dollar short. Their carefully laid plans were eaten by inflation and it turns out their investments did not fulfill the founding promises. Technology turned opportunities the wrong way and left gaping holes in the financial plans of many.

The aging process removed for many the option of participating in the historical stress that their careers required. Yet their wisdom and insight remains sparkling clean, crisp and untarnished by the involvement in the daily politics and hidden agendas in our daily activity. In other words, these individuals see clearly what is real and what is valuable.

When we examine the wealth of knowledge contained within our retired population we find a collective group of people that have left the commercial drive and have refocused their attention to the humanistic side of life. This population often comes from a natural evolution of integrity and solidarity. In addition to our retired senior community, we find an incredible wealth of insight and wisdom in our retired military community - the men and women who defended our rights and our country.

Together, we can find a path to establish a new frame of contribution as a team (back in our boots with our boots on the ground). This path will enable the team to support each other and accomplish the mission of achieving a common goal, together.

It is to this collective group that we offer a call to action --- an opportunity to return to what worked, what delivered benefits to all stakeholders, and what held the proven thoughts, ideas and actions that resulted in peace. It is to this community that we appeal. It is to this community that we invite interested participants to explore opportunities of expression through the collective power of a legacy-based “collaboration laboratory” – referred to as a Legacy Co-Lab.

The Richness of Structured Collaboration

A Legacy CoLab provides both the retired senior community and the retired military community the opportunity to be individually and collectively repackaged and repurposed as part of a powerful advisory collaboration resource and marketed through “legacy insight” in their key industries (their areas of skill).

In order for these people to make the transition to being true leaders and advisors in legacy restoration, there are four critical principles that must be integrated into our thinking, writing and communication process. These four principles enable us to examine our history with:

  • Total honesty - Leaving no elements out or unturned.
  • Selflessness - Viewing history from a selfless point of view; understanding and recognizing the perceptions, attitudes, thinking, feelings and behaviors of all stakeholders.
  • Clear Intentions - Clearly and directly stating the intentions of history; recognizing what could be done and what could not be done.
  • Reality - In the final conclusion, clearly drawing boundaries between reality and wishful / magical thinking.
With these four principles in place, these retired advisors can transcend history into a dynamic and influential part of today’s world. This will create clarity in our past, give us guidance for today and provide better possibilities for tomorrow.


In doing so, these retired communities become HEROESto strengthen the industries in which they have devoted their lives. Furthermore they can participate in the financial gains that come from improved industry efficiency and productivity, all which result from the insight and wisdom found in their own pockets.

Most important, these people can return to the elements of true living. Once again they become active, recognized contributors of their original passion, purpose, skill and wisdom that silently vanished at the point of retirement. These qualities can be reignited, resulting in gained pride and self-esteem in our nation’s most valuable asset -- the retired, active and creative retirement community!

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