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Please Be Sure Your Sound is On.

Intelligent Personal Publishing
Personal eMod Buddy™ Apps
A Grassroots Integrity Movement on Steroids
Growing Out of the Most Powerful Network in The World
Putting The ‘Personal’ Human Experience into The ‘Impersonal’ Digital Age

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If you are a professional wanting to step out of the box and simply tell the truth, or if you are a citizen on planet earth and want to be told the truth
… you have come the right place!

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Join, Listen and Make Up Your Own Mind.

In a global economy that has become strangled with debt, integrity is now taking second place to sales and profit. To make matters worse there is not any check and balance (audit and verification) on anything published on the Internet. Together this creates a fear-based economy driving the culture,
... the question arises… Who Do You TRUST?

Pocket Wisdom Insights was formed by AwareComm®, a Microsoft Research and Development Partner with Gold Certification in:

  • Intelligent Systems Design; and
  • Application Development.

Pocket Wisdom Insights is a platform for industry visionaries and professionals to publish their content and truths free of commercial influence.

AwareComm® was the lead integration investor/developer in the development of eMod Buddy™ Apps, as a melting pot of “ePublishing Integrity”. eMod Buddy™ Apps is rooted in the largest network in the world, supported by the world’s largest partner network and is reaching the largest consumer network in the world.

Microsoft – Solidarity in Action

A select group of Gold Certified Microsoft Software Developers have joined together to provide a publishing platform conceived in publishing with integrity (the truth).

These developers/visionaries are maintained by proven teams of people currently supporting over 50 Million customers.

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